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Custom Classic Automotive Furniture
Pete is a natural when it comes to making  
Your Car In Metal-AN SWRNC Specialty
Here is a Pete Specialty, that is very unique and "ONE OF A KIND. Your Car In Metal is your way to add a peice of memory to your collection of Car Goods. Average Size is 36 inchs X 25 inchs. Call Pete for pricings and details on this ONE OF A KIND ART MAGIC!!! 
SWRNC Ball Cap
20.00 Plus Shipping (Average 22.00 Total Cost) Contact Pete at 972-420-1293 Or email Him Today 
Custom Pink Cadillac Metal Art: $400.00 Plus Shipping Costs
Here is a Custom Made/Hand Painted Metal Art Piece Wall Haning Of A 1959 Cadillac. Focusing On The Tail Fins. Painted As An Abstract Design That Would Be The Talk Of Any Room It Hang's In! Contact Pete at 972-420-1293 Today 
1934 Ford Custom ART: $450.00 Plus Shipping Costs
Here is a Custom Made 1934 Ford Coupe with all the Hot Rod Signs of "BACK TO THE 50's"! Contact Pete at 972-420-1293 
Custom METAL ART Gas Sign Memorablia-$75.00
Hand Made Custom Vintage Gas Signs! Made from 20 gauge steel. Hand drawn, free hand plasma cut and then welded togeather. Hand Painted and ready for display. These are great items that measure to an average of 24" or lager in size. Cost is 75.00 plus shipping (Average Shipping Cost- 14.00).. Contact Pete now for more info.. 
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