Below is a list of Testimonials from previous and present customers, for a list of contact phone #'s for verification purposes, or for references contact Pete by phone only. "Personal Information will NOT be GIVEN through email"
Pete built my 34 Ford coupe just the way I wanted it, with more then I asked. He saved me hundreds of dollars in parts and labor. I couldn't have done it without his help. When I first met Pete , I was lost, I didn't know where to turn, and didn't know if I would ever have the car that I always wanted. After a short 71/2 months, my dream came true. He even let me come over and help work on my car, which most shops won't even allow you in the work bay at all. I have known Pete for over 4 years now, and have become close friends with him. He just isn't a shop owner out to make a buck, when he works on your car he is your friend and lets you know that you are getting treated like a real customer, not just another job.
Larry Mulvany, Texas
I purchased a car that was half built, I called Pete to see what he could do with it, we found out that the car I bought was over 10 years old, (StreetBeast), and that there where a lot of pieces missing. Pete explained to me everything it would take to build my car. When I first met Pete I liked him, because he is a straight up , straight forward type of guy. He doesn't miss lead you in anyway. If he has something to say to you , he tells it like it is, and does exactly what he tells you he'll do.. If it wasn't for Pete, I would have probably never finished my car, I would have probably sold it as is, for the best price I could get. Pete gave me more advise then I would ever expect from anyone else. He called me continuously to let me know how my car was coming along, he never left me in the dark about anything that was going on with my car. Like so many others that deal with Pete, we became close friends, and still go to local car shows together, and visit quit often. Pete and his guys did a tremendous job on building my car, and I would recommend him to anyone that asked me, with no hesitation.
Tom Reid, Texas
I had bought a Kit Car, thinking that I could build it myself. Well when I unpacked it and saw what a nightmare it was to do, I started searching for someone to build it for me. I heard of Pete and SouthWest rod and Custom from going to some car shows, and decided to call him. Even though he was in Texas, it didn't matter to me, I wanted the best guy I could find to build my car, so I hauled it to him within a year or so, he built me a car that I love.. If it wasn't for Pete, I would have probably never finished my car.. Thanks for doing a GREAT job and saving me thousands doing it.
Scott and Linda Ditriech, Arizona
I purchased a 1941 Willys. Me and my best friend where going to build it in my garage at home, as a hobby, to give us something to do. A month after I got my car, my friend was killed in a motorcycle wreck. I thought of just selling the car, but knew if I sold it in pieces it couldn't get anything for it, so I found out about Pete and gave him a call. To make a long story short, he did a beautiful job on building this car for me. He installed a custom late model Cadillac Escalade drive train, made custom running boards, fabricated custom bumper brackets, installed a custom trailer hitch, remote trunk, remote entry doors, full leather wrap interior, and everything else, just the way I wanted it.. Pete is a one of a kind type of person, once you get to know him, he is hard to get off your mind. I never thought of Pete as just another person with a shop. From the day I met him, he became my friend. I still call and talk to him quite often, or when I am in Dallas, me and my wife will stop and visit with him.. I miss going to car shows with him, and hope him and his wife Minnie the best out of life.. He is a real hard worker, and works for everything he's got in life.. Good Luck Pete, Your friend John!
John and Sona Obermiller , New Mexico
Pete built a 34 Ford for me. I put everything in his hands, and trusted his opinion to the fullest. I don't know anything about cars at all, I just wanted one. When I met Pete for the first time, he seemed kinda harsh, and loud, a straight forward type of guy. But sitting there and talking to him, and looking around his office seeing pictures of his kids everywhere you look, and knowing that he is a family man straight to the heart, showed me that he was the guy I wanted to build me a car. He saved me a lot of money , and gave me the confidence that what ever he said to do to the car would be the right decision. I know use my car for private auctions for the Habitat for Humanity funds. Every other month I auction off a drive in my car and lunch.. I don't go to car shows, or tow my car on a trailer, I drive my car, and love it. If there is any problems with my car I can just call Pete and he will take care of the problem immediately, with no questions asked. Thanks for everything Pete..
Butch Bercher, Texas
I met Pete at the Colorado Good Guys show, in Colorado Springs. I started talking to him, and found that he was a pretty cool guy. I got his card, and within a year, I had my car down to his shop. I built most of my car, and what I couldn't do Pete finished for me, and did a great job doing it. I don't talk to Pete much, but would recommend him to anyone that asked. He did more to my car then I could ever ask, and the paint job is AWESOME!!!!
Jack Fields, Colorado
I met Pete at the NSRA Nationals, in Oklahoma City Ok. He had a commercial booth there and was advertising his shop. I talked to him for quite awhile.. I was in the process of building myself a 41 Willys and was having a lot of trouble with the body parts, and steel structure assembly. Pete so such a nice guy when I met him, he closed his booth down in the middle of the day, and went all the way out to my house, to see my car, and tell me what I was doing wrong, and what needed to be done to get me on the road.. A few months later my car was in Pete's shop getting finished up.. He finished building my car, and completely painted it, just the way I wanted it.. He worked with me on the price and saved me a lot of money and time. But besides all that, he put my mind to rest, that when I get my car back I know it will be right.. I drive my car almost every day, and attend a lot of car shows, winning a lot of trophies. I still talk to Pete when I can, every now and then, and would like to say, if it wasn't for him, my car would have never been built.. Thanks Pete for everything.. John....
John Sarskowski, Oklahoma
I knew Pete was the only guy in the world I could trust to chop the top on a 33 Fiberglass Vicki.. It's not going as fast as I wanted it too. But after listening to Pete, and seeing how he does things, I don't care how long it takes to finish my car, because when I get it back, I know it's going to be right, and it's going to be a one of a kind.. Take your time Pete,, that's fine with me, Bill.
Bill Foord, Louisiana
I went to Pete's shop to buy a car. Sitting there for about an hour I knew he was the guy to get one from. But I just didn't want to buy a car, I wanted to be involved in building it, I wanted to do as much as I could to my car. So Pete made an exception and let me come over a few days a week, and work on my car with him and the guys. It is an experience that I will never forget.. Pete isn't the easiest guy to get along with, but he's the nicest guy you will ever meet. Straight to the point, and hard working, makes him a great person. I wish the best for Pete and his family, and hope only good things come his way, because he deserves every bit of it...
Gary Gallispie, Texas
I met Pete at a car show in Fort Worth, it took me 4 years to pay off my car, a 41 Willy's Coupe. All that time, I save every extra nickle I had, so Pete could build me the car I wanted. He is the only person I would let touch my car, and is one of the coolest guys I ever met. Honest isn't the word for Pete, he is just down right straight forward, and tells it like it is... I know my car is in very good hands with Pete. And go to sleep every night, knowing that my car is safe and secure at Pete's Shop... Insurance Testimonials:
Randy McLearen, Texas
When I wrecked my 1948 Chevy, Pete handled everything. I didn't even have to talk to the insurance company but just one time, to give them my information on how the wreck happened. He handled the whole thing from start to finish, and my car came out of his shop better then it was when it went in. Locating all the parts to repair it , to matching the custom paint perfect, was a dream come true.. If I ever wreck any of my cars, they will be going to SouthWest Rod and Custom, even if it's my daily driver.. Thanks Pete for a great job.. Leon.
Leon Lasater, Texas
My Caddilac has been sold, and I have now started on a 1929 Ford Custom 2 Door Sedan. Pete has done so many modifications to this car that it's unbelieable.. I don't think it would have been possible for me to ever get the job done right, if it wasn't for Pete and Southwest Rod and Custom. He has taken my car to the next level, and I know this one will be a KEEPER.. If I ever build another car, wreck my car, paint my car, or what ever needs done to any of my cars, you can bank on the fact that it will be going to Southwest Rod and Custom.. They not only do custom car work, but also collision repair and insurance work too. It's really amazing what Pete has done for me..He is an asset to the car world all in his own way......
Chris Giles, Texas
When I first bought my 1939 Chevy Coupe, it was a mess. It needed everything from TOTAL Restoration to NEW drive train and Frame.. It was a complete nightmare.. I had started out with the car not even knowing Pete and Southwest Rod and Custom existed. The car went from Houston Texas, to Richardson Texas and back to my house and over to my friends house. I got screwed so many times, and lost countless dollars, time, and many nights of not sleeping.. I was so deep in dept with this car, that all I wanted to do is either sell it, or junk it.. It made me sick to even go out in the garage and look at it.. It was the typical story you hear, how you bring your car to a shop, put all your trust in them to do what they say! And they end up screwing you out of thousands of dollars.. Not just once but 3 times this happened to me before I met Pete. My friend had told me about him, and after talking with Pete and telling him the horror storys about the other experiances I had, Pete made me feel confident and secure that the job would be done, and done right.. He didn't ask for any money up front, and got right on my car. It still cost me a small fortune to finish it out, due to the fact that Pete had to repair and fix all the other problems that the previous shops had messed up on, but it was well worth it. Pete did exactly what he said he would do and more. I would recommend anyone that ever had a bad experiance with building a custom car too call Pete and discuss the situation over with him, before going anywhere else.. A man of his word, and a hard worker, Pete is the best.. Thanks Pete, my dream car is a reality.....
Gary Griffen, Plano Texas
My father had purchased a 1970 4 dr. Nova, brand new from a dealership in California. It has been in our family ever since.. My father had passed away several years ago, and this was really all I had left to remember him by. I can remember the day he bought it, how happy he was to purchase a brand new car. The smell of the inteiror, the way it drove, the family outings we had in it. When he passed away, I had my sons go get the car and drive it back to Texas. This was quit awhile ago. It sat in my garage ever since.. Someone told me about Pete and Southwest Paint and Body.. They told me that he could restore my dad's old car to new condition. Well they where right.. Right down to the last nut and bolt, this car is fabulous. The memorys I will have taking it out on quit afternoon drives, the smell of the factory interior, the AM radio, all the stuff that was spcecial to my dad is now special to me... Thanks Pete, your the BEST.....
BoB Cancelosi, Frisco Texas
My old 66 Mustang was just sitting around doing nothing, when a friend of the family came over and asked if I wanted to restore the car. We started talking and it got me excited to actually get it running and driving again.. So one thing led into another and the next thing you know, my car is torn down in a million peices.. This so called friend of the family actually took my car and RUINED it...I was so sick over it... There was this kid that me and my brothers grew up with here in North Denver, Colorado, his name was Peter Hughes.. He would contact us every now and then to see how we where doing, he would come see us when he was in town, and we knew he had a bodyshop in Dallas Texas. Well I contacted Pete about the problems and the nest thing I knew I was towing my car to Pete in Dallas... It took Pete a little over a year to complete my car and make it BRAND NEW..When he was done with the car, he took it to a Ford Mustang Show and won 1st place out of 275 Mustangs, I couldn't believe it.. I actually started crying on the phone, I was so happy and over joyed that the old Mustang was really built and put back togeather that nice..Pete brought my car back to me at no charge and dropped it off right at my house.. I don't drive it that much, but I admire it everyday, I sit in it, and think of all the good times I had with it from my college days.. This car is a Keeper----Thanks to Pete and Southwest Paint and Body...
Betho Villareal, Cherry Creek Colorado
I own a 1974 Vw Bug Convertable.. Actually Pete resored my car for me almost 15 year ago..To this day it still looks like the day I picked it up from his shop..He's the best... Thanks Pete
Mike Senate, Lewisville Texas
I purchased a 1934 Ford Vicki Streetbeast and had it built from for me..The shop that built it did a very bad job, over charged me, told me lies, and cheated me everyway possible.. I was at their mercy to finish my car, because I had spent so much money and time on it, that I didn't really have any choice... I live in New Mexico and the shop that was building it is in Arkansas, so you can imagine what a mess it was trying to comunicate with them and dealing with all the problems that arose... I finally was fed up with the situation and went and got my car and brought it home.. It sat here for nearly a year and then I heard about Pete.. In between this time I did what I could to it, and tried to finish it out myself, but couldn't and didn't want to try to do the wiring and other small stuff it took to get the job done. So I called Pete set up a date to bring my car to him, for him to finish it out, and brought it to him.. He did exactly what he told me he would do, charged me exactly what we agreed upon, with no arguements, and finished the job to the fullest.. Thanks to Pete, I still believe there are some good people in the world..
George Samples, New Mexico
I've known Pete for over 16 years, and in this time I have seen many cars come and go through his shop. I've seen employees come and go, I've seen Pete struggle to make a living, and have also seen Pete make a good living.. In the period of time that I have known Pete I have learned alot about cars, paint and body, and everything else that is ascociated to the automotive world. Pete has tought me alot.. All my cars go to Pete's place to get repairs, He is the first person I call, wheather it's paint and body related or mechanical related, Pete is the first on my list.. He has and always will repair all my cars.. I don't own a show car, or a streetrod, but I do own cars, just like most people do, and the honesty and reliability that Pete has will always get my business...
Larry Stanford, Coppell Texas
I heard about Southwest Rod and Custom at a car show in Utah. I heard that this place finish's your car, and it doesn't sit around in the corner and become a storage unit for other cars being worked on.. I heard that when you drop your car off to them, the get on it and actually finish the job... So I called Pete up and talked to him and told him about my experiances that I have had with other shops. Telling me what they where going to do, and never doing it, or telling them what I wanted, and then when I get my car, it's totally the opisite of what we agreed upon.. Well I have a 1959 Chrysler Imperial, it was in a shop in Arizona and was doing nothing but sitting there.. I have given these people over $5,00.00 up to date, and still nothing...Well one thing led to another, and I yanked it out of the shop.. The typical story, it sat for awhile, I was looking at it with discust, wanting to just sell it and get rid of it, and then thinking that I would never get my money out of it in this shape. So I called Pete and made arrangements to bring the car to him.. To make a long story short----IT"S DONE, AND NOT FORSALE...Thanks for your honesty and all your help Pete
Kyle Perkins, Moab Utah
For more testimonials contact Pete by phone. This is just a small list of satisfied customers that have passed through the doors of SouthWest Rod and Custom. We at SouthWest aim to please, and the customer is always first in our business.

Appearances: Mostly all cars that Pete has built have won 1st place at either local car shows, or national events. Several cars and trucks have appeared in national magazines such as Street Trucks, with Doug Peterson's 37 Ford Downs body street rod truck, Pete's Custom Taxi Cab seen through out several magazines such as Cruizin Style. Other cars can be seen in NSRA Street Scene, and Good Guys Monthly Magazine.

His 1967 Triumph chopper was featured in Iron Horse Magazine in 2000, and was also featured in some over seas magazines.

Once again this is just a small example of the quality and craftsmanship you will find at SouthWest Rod and Custom. Pete takes pride in everything he does, and only employs people that have the same thoughts toward other peoples cars as he does. Everything in his shop is overlooked umteen times to make sure it's right the first time.. Pete works on others cars, just like he would be working on his. When he is working on or building a car for a customer, he treats it just like it was his own personal car.
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